Really there is a problem in this trade, well do you notice millions of companies booming like rotten mushrooms making claims and tarnishing the acai berries name. SERIOUSLY i had a caller inquired me 3 hours on the phone, 19 SMS's and 9 emails to only discuss on the acai berry scams and other companies fraud.  YES very true, i 'm not saying that choices are bad or varieties are negative but if there is companies offering products to their customers which is something they going to consume for their health, " I REALLY WANT THEM TO BE 110% what i'm PAYING FOR",  Here is the factors that you could use to make your decision;

And please do not come to a conclusion that we hate any inquiries, i'm actually trying to make a point and i would like you to make clever decisions based from cold hard facts which can be found from few researches in reliable sources. 



QUALITY: Finding an acai company who creates a quality, organic, pure acai product who will not rip you off. Since acai is so popular these days, many manufacturers have entered the market creating watered down acai products with fillers which give you NONE of the benefits that authentic acai will give you. There are a lot of companies selling inferior acai products that are more than 50% filled with carriers like magnesium stearate, multidextrin, soy lecithin and others.... Basically you win by getting few extra discounts and losing A BIGGER MARGIN OF RESULTS



FREE TRIAL SCAMMERS: (By the way, they are not really free because you have to pay shipping!) The reason they charge you for shipping is so they can get your credit card info and charge it every month. I am talking about all of the "free trial" offers out there who promise a free trial but instead they start charging you $89 per month or more without you knowing it - then they make it very hard to dispute the transaction. Also all of these free trial offers are shipping you spray dried butchered acai powder that is about 75-95% dried corn starch! What the reports on these free trial scammers fail to tell you is that the free trial scammers are shipping you worthless placebo! Real acai works but it has to be of the highest quality only. Not just a trace ingredient.



FREE TRIAL SCAMMERS WHO TRY TO ACT LEGITIMATE: Since the "free trial' acai scammers have been exposed lately in the national media, the same scammers who peddle these schemes set their websites up so they appear to be educating consumers about free trial offers. So they start by saying BEWARE OF FREE TRIAL SCAMS -- but the problem is, they are in fact the scammers, they just try to divert attention by appearing as if they are warning about acai scams.



LASTLY the key tricks

WEIGHT LOSS CLAIMS: Beware of companies who make weight loss claims for acai products - most of these products contain corn starch which is a sugar. Find an acai product that does not contain sugar or any preservatives.



 Our tips would be use all this factors to make your decision, hope you found this article helpful. keep posted for the next article




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