Acai berry updates for 2010

 Why is ORAC intake very important for your body.. Is it really important and if so what it is functions and benefits to our body. So i have posted everything you would need to know about orac value and its importance.


The ORAC Or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a laboratory test (read in test tubes) developed by Dr. Guohua Cao. This analysis gives the different antioxidant activity for food. It is primarily done to show the antioxidant levels in fruits, vegetables, juices, teas and other foods. In a small nutshell the test measures the capacity of the food to resist oxidation


ORAC ratings for the same food depending on the web site reliability, and when the information is not supported properly with health informational body or org, then its fake. I have seen blue berries rated from 2400 to 9019. The higher the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity the more antioxidant activity is supposed to be present. There are many laboratories now doing this test and there are no precise guidelines that everyone adheres to. So different labs sometimes give different scores. The latest buzz of all the health practitioners are the ACAI BERRIES, this berries ORAC value is extremely high and the orac rating will also vary by the Manufacturer's harvesting technique and also the storing process. Every company have their process of harvesting and preserving the acai berries, so many companies techniques would regarded as inefficient as the technique are not the most ideal to preserve acai berries.


What is the benefits of ORAC 


You probably have heard a lot about free radicals, antioxidants etc., but not so many people can honestly say they know what exactly is it all about.  I will try to keep it as "not scientific" as possible for your ease of understanding.

Humans, just like almost all the other living creatures on earth need oxygen to live. However, while this radical is crucial for our living, it is very reactive and tends to interact with our bodies in destructive ways. It causes release of free radicals, which destroy our DNA, proteins and lipids.

This and oxygenation of these parts of our bodies leads to many illnesses, even cancer.

Our bodies resolve this significant problem by producing antioxidants, that act like free radical catchers.


This leads us to ORAC and what it is. Simply put it is a number of antioxidants in a given product, the higher it is the more beneficial such a food is for your health. Thing you may find the most interesting is that by in taking enough ORAC units a day, you can slow down aging and all the side effects which come with it. From preventing memory loss, increasing learning ability to better looking skin. All of these and more can be achieved if you will modify your diet to meet right criteria.

But, how much ORAC a day is enough?

According to USDA, your daily intake of ORAC should be 3000 to 5000 units. So when we fail to meet the following requirement then we are open to the threats as given below. By meeting the advised orac value daily, we can avoid the main threats like heart attack, cancer cells and etc


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