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July. 15th 2010

Amazon Thunder organic and kosher acai recently tested by Brunswick Labs to contain 18,260 total orac units per single fluid oz! This is the thought to be highest reported orac score on acai out of all acai products if not most antioxidant products hands down on the globe in massive proportions. For those of you who don't know what orac is. It is stands for (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity.) According to research done by the USDA, you should have a min orac intake of 3300 orac units per day, minimum! Orac is the antioxidant properties found in fruits, vegetable and other foods that scour the body's cells, cleaning and purifying them of free radical toxins which can lead to increased risk of disease and rapid aging. If your not getting enough Orac daily then your not treating your health right! 


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