BEST walking ??

 Walking is the best approach to stay healthier, fitter and happier. But whats the pace in walking that gets the results, slow, medium, fast, or sprinting........ 










There's nothing like an exercise high. But if you're not feeling happier after a you may need more of this: independence.

Why? Because setting your own pace is key to a satisfying workout, a recent study showed. The people in the study who chose their own pace experienced more pleasureand worked just as hard.

Have It Your Way
Yep, it's time to rethink that drill-sergeant aerobics instructor, those weight-machine displays that goad you to keep up the pace, and that bossy exercise buddy who calls all the shots. Setting your own pace is where it's at if your goal is to get feel-good effects from your workout. In a small study of men and women who were depressed or anxious (or both), the group that set their own pace on exercise bikes was the only group to get pleasure from their workouts -- although all groups experienced a reduction in negative emotions. (Find out how to energize and revitalize by watching this video.)

Feel-Good Moves
Amazingly, tests showed that the exercisers experienced a 12 to 30 percent increase in happiness and well-being after only a 20-minute investment of time on the exercise bike. Not too shabby. But the real shocker? Exercisers actually worked harder when left to their own devices -- they weren't loafing. So lace up your walkers or hop on that bike, and be your own captain. And try these additional strategies for boosting your mood by doing things your way:

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