October Showered us with Graceful experience

October is shocking, exciting, thrilling and overflowing of joy, for our customer and our company too. We received an overwhelming support for October promotion which really did give our team a big SURPRISE, orders started to rush in rapidly, hundred of orders daily stretched up for 2 weeks and we worked through out the day. Our Emails was loaded, calls poured in, and the delivery team had to work in odd hours just to keep up with the orders...


We did not anticipate any of this orders in our right mind, Its just a month of excitement and shock. We just could not keep up with the orders and we were caught in a corner... we Really thought we won't use the term of

" Only valid till stock last" , but the stocks in our warehouse was just clearing out TOO FAST and eventually we just know we had to wrap up the promotion. Even though the promotion was called off earlier but i think we succeed to achieve something greater than the promotion itself. We manage to keep the Disappointment 0% and welcomed more happy customers :)


We successfully made timely delivery and provide our full commitment and assistance to our customers during the promotion...even in some very odd hours, certainly this was a proud achievement for our company. I believe its a very special month for our customers and our team, as they believe 10/10/10 will carry something very meaningful, indeed this month had become a very special month for our company, not merely because we met huge orders but this period had made our company realize our core strength, support, reliability, dedication and positive relationship between our members.


We want to take this moment to show our appreciation to all our customers who gave us the full support and for all the new customers who just have joined us.  And also specially to all the team who have been committed and dedicated to make this happen, we are extremely proud of our team and we believe this is a very great start for our company. Thank you very much… We want to wish you best of luck in realizing your goals and we know you would come back with great success. We are extremely grateful for your support and we aspire to serve you better. Thank you very much



Our customer’s success will bring us the confidence and aspiration to grow our business




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