HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/24/2009 – When you think Oscars and gifts, you think bling. However, woman does not live by bling alone. One needs a little something to nibble on. The GBK gift suite at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills featured the delicious food items for the stars. Nibble hors d’oeuvres and sweets provided by chef José Andrés.

Hansen’s Bakery provided gorgeous cakes. “If you have a photo, we can airbrush it on a cake,” says chef Suzie Finer. On a tall wedding cake are images from the nominated films. Sheet cakes are decorated with photos of the five Best Picture-nominated films. Fabulous!

Senseo makes a compact coffee maker that uses a sealed pod of ground beans to make a perfect pot of coffee. Just drop in the pod with the flavor that you want, add water and with in less then a minute you have fresh-brewed coffee. Include flavors such as Senseo;s new Godiva chocolate-flavored coffee, a wonderful combination of flavors.

Candoni Wines produce each Candoni bottle as a unique piece of art, a serigraph reproduction of an Etruscan fresco painting. Serigraphy for the bottles applies ceramic colors to the surface of the glass. The bottle is heat-treated to make the color permanent. The Candoni Prosecco offers a delicate and fruity flavor with a hint of honey. Dry in the mouth but leaves behind a delicious freshness.

Amazon Thunder uses only 100% organic sustainably-harvested Acai fruit to make Acia Puree. The energy drink is thick and you can taste the rich berry flavor. Amazon Thunder supports the preservation of the Amazon River region and works to extend sustainable harvesting of Amazonian fruits while providing income to the Amazon natives.

Nordic Naturals health supplements are made with the world’s finest Omega-3 fish oils from Norway. Nordic Naturals offers an extensive product line, even products for your pets! There formulas are award-winning and pharmaceutical grade.

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