Recent Discoveries by MALAYSIAN Companies on ACAI BERRIES

 According to Food Marketing Executive Skin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Marsha Lim, search and research program that eventually led to the discovery of seven plants of each party to recover, heal and maintain a variety of problems and meet the needs of all types of skin.

"This research program takes many years and after seven plants were found, study after study done again to ensure that it is really suitable for the skin.

"Once identified, the plant was purchased directly from producers and naturally produced without chemical processing of extreme weather.

"Interestingly, the network of Global Mask is designed to bring back the series on the skin face and help problem skin the easy way.

"Suffice to allocation of time between three to five minutes twice a week," he said.

Marsha explained, gave the collection acai powder is derived from the Amazon rainforest in South America who was appointed as a powerful antioxidant to help stabilize free radicals in the skin, thus avoid prematurely aging, heart attacks and cancer.

Acai contains 33 times the reported antioxidant level than others in the group and he was able to provide moisture and improve the structure of the skin when used topically.

Through its essence, this acai powder helps give the skin dry with a layer penetrates deep into the skin and prevent moisture loss.

Care system, specifically for antiaging effects in it are working to reduce premature signs of aging that often strikes the skin dry through the contributions of the maximum moisture as well as improve blood circulation in the area.

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