Warning!!! Be careful of other ACAI Products

   Dear Friends & family please do recognize that not all the Acai products have the proper required certification and nutrition’s as they broadly claim. The manufacturing and quality certification of the ACAI berries is chiefly very important for the preservation of the nutrition’s and quality.


Number 1:- Not all açaí products are created equally, there are very many factors from raw material solids %, purity of product, regions of harvest, oxidation issues, pick to packaging exposure times, sorting facilities, production facilities, transportation and storage of raw materials and so much more. All this factors must be taken into consideration to closely remain the 100% nutrition’s and quality of the nature magical Acai fruit. So please buy from the properly certified and authorized companies; Amazon thunder products are worldly recognized for their quality and its quality is officially authorized by KOSHER certification.


Number 2 :- The content of Acai in a product is extremely important, the company must reveal their percentage of ACAI value or percentage in their drink, so we as the consumers can recognize the mixture of other juices or water. Many company mixes water or other fruits with ACAI as marketing gimmicks; so check the content or label for the percentage of ACAI content, if its not provided then its not worth your money. Amazon thunder has 100% ACAI berry content


Number 3:- Amazon Thunder finished acai pulp liquid products are packaged in glass bottles and foil pouches which are all 100% BPA free as are our capsules and powder products. Most other companies use #7 plastic packaging which is loaded with dangerous BPA's. The #7 found on the bottom of all liquid bottles on the market or any plastic packaging marked with this # indicates it contains BPA's.


Number 4:- Lastly, do not trust 100% on all the ACAI FREEZE DRIED products as its not encouraged by few researchers; below is the article which is taken from WIKIPEDIA



Freeze-dried açaí powder was shown to have mild inhibitory effects on cyclooxygenase enzymes COX-1 and COX-2,[22] and chemically-extracted polyphenolic-rich fractions from açaí were reported to reduce the proliferation of HL-60 (experimental leukemia) cells in vitro.[ from: wikipedia]


In conclusion, Please be aware before you purchaseany ACAI products, HCCARO promises only to bring the purest products and previously tested product to your reach. this information belongs to WIKIPEDIA; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%C3%A7a%C3%AD_palm#Nutritional_content




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